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Transmission Services

Getting your transmission serviced is an often overlooked but very important part of maintaining you vehicles performance. At Precision Transmission, we serve customers in the Redding and Shasta County. We're dedicated to quality service on both domestic and foreign transmissions at the best prices.

We Service All Automatic & Standard / Manual Transmission Needs:
Automatic & Manual / Standard Transmission Repair & Rebuilds
Clutch Replacements & Flywheel Resurfacing
Manual Transmission Hydraulic Systems (Master / Slave Cylinders & Lines)
Differential Service & Repair (Front, Rear, Ring & Pinions)
Transfer Case Repair
Transmission Coolers - Installation & Flushing
Transmission Maintenance Services
Allison Transmissions
RV & Motor Home Transmissions
Diagnosing & Scanning - Computer-Controlled Transmissions

Modern day cars are becoming more computer controled than ever before. And from that, no longer is the transmission and engine connected just through a few bolts. The computers in your car share and processes many pieces of information between things like the transmission, fuel ignition and injectors. The "power train" of your vehicle refers to your transmission working with your engine, Consider that shudder you felt cruising down the highway. The computer is using sensors on the engine and transmission to detect such things as throttle position, vehicle speed, trans-input speed, stop-light switch position, etc. As you drive the car, you are constantly changing the demands on the power train (acceleration, cruising, passing, coasting and idling). The computer recognizes this by monitoring various sensors.

Without special equipment and engineering, no one can tell if a shudder is caused by something slipping inside the transmission, the torque converter, a weak spark, a dirty fuel injector or a loose electrical connection. Our transmission specialists are qualified, and who you can trust to determine what service - if any - your transmission may need