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Transmission Repair

Your transmission is a very complex component in your car. It provides torque and power to your drive wheels. As a general rule, vehicles engines operate at a high rotational speed. The transmission gear box turns that high rotation in to a useable slower wheel speed that increases torque to varying degrees. Obviously when stopping, starting and varrying speeds.

At Precision Transmission, depending on the problem, we can do repairs to your transmission without having to rebuild the entire transmission. For example, sometimes the problem can be a leak with the external seals. It could be the input shaft. Simply replacing or repairing simple fixes on your transmission can save you time and money if it turns out to be that.

Sometimes the repair of your transmission is more complex and will require a rebuild.

Signs of transmission trouble:

Not wanting to go inot gear.
When in neutral, your transmission is noisy.
Slipping Gears.
Burning smell.
Dragging clutch.
Leaking Fluid.